Living In The Private Program

    Where we help you, "COME OUT OF HER".

    What You Get


    • Up to 18-Month Commitment
    • Multi-Step Process
    • Documentation is created for you
    • Online Support
    • Emergency Phone support
    • Reminders will be sent to make sure you stay the course


    • We create all documents for you
    • All past Living in the Private Webinars
    • VIP Membership on
    • Access to Living in the Private Group


    • "state" Citizen Passport
    • Private Mail Box
    • Birth Certificate Authentication Guidance
    • Humanitarian Foundation
    • Certified Copies of Documents
    • Proof of Non-Employment with the U.S.
    • Notice of Removal of Signatures
    • Notice to Agencies


    • Who Are you?
    • Come Out of Her MY People
    • Understanding How to Contract
    • How You Got Here
    • state Citizenship
    • Assemblies and Grand Juries
    • Jurisdiction
    • Land vs Territory
    • Birth Certificate
    • Words and Word Play
    • Operating in the Private
    • How to Tell Your Family and not Sound Crazy
    • And Many More

    ( Package VALUE of $17,000 )

    America can be restored! The way to achieve this is by training on the fraud that took place in our nation, and what it means to be Self-Governed. Through HIS Advocates training program, we will assist United States citizens to become Americans in law. The People must know how to properly contract their existing adhesion agreements. Their allegiance to their state and rebuilding the de-jure form of government is they key.